The Dancer!

I dedicate this to my beautiful daughter, Hannah Michelle, on the eve of her recital – you make my heart sing!


Mesmerized, I stood at the door and watched the strong, artistic hands of the Lord as they created. Sparks flew from his fingertips and a gentle smile of enjoyment curled his lips. I could hear the sounds of violins tuning up and kettle drums thundering in one corner of the room and the graceful tones of flutes and a grand piano fluttered in and out. Music notes flew through the air, dancing on a breeze, twirling around my Saviour’s head. And oh, the lights and colours that swirled through the air, playfully intertwining with each other. Something out of nothing! Creation at its finest!

What are you doing, my Saviour?” I asked. “What are you creating today?” “Watch!” he said, and began to laugh, his pleasure filling up the room. Out of the mists of swirling gold, pink, green, every colour of the rainbow and ones that I had never seen before, a figure began to emerge. Beautiful. Long, flowing, blonde curls fell over her shoulders and her big, green eyes looked around in wonder.

Silence filled the room as the Father gazed with absolute love upon His new creation, their eyes met and lightening took off across the sky! For a moment I felt so awkward as if I were intruding on the love my Lord has for His beautiful bride!


Now watch this,” the Father whispered. He held up His hands and the anticipation was unbearable. Then slowly, sweetly, as my Lord’s hands began to move, the violins began to play, the sounds of the flute weaving in and out. A symphony. The most marvelous music I had ever heard. Then the beautiful, blonde girl began to dance. Leaping and pirouetting to the music, arabesques stretching across the floor, never before had I seen a more elegant and graceful sight. “A dancer!” said the King, “I have created a dancer!” “She will dance before Kings and Queens, her beautiful feet will dance across nations! And as she dances the most powerful worship will be released. She will change lives with her dance. Many, many people will come to me because of her dance. But, most of all she will dance because I have put a passion inside her for it!” He frowned a little, “it will not be without obstacle for her, because the enemy knows the power of her dance,” tears glistened in His eyes, “it will not be without pain – but still she will dance, for I have made her an overcomer!” he declared. “She will dance because it is her calling and because she loves it. She will dance because I love to watch her, I delight in her dance, I take pleasure in her beauty!”

I hadn’t noticed but the room had become quiet as the Father spoke, every note and every instrument hung intently on His every word.

But what is her name, Lord?” I inquired. “Her name is Hannah Michelle!” he said with a flourish, a great smile of accomplishment on His face. “Hannah Michelle?” I repeated confused. “Hannah Michelle? But Lord, Hannah isn’t even born yet! She won’t come to the world for years!

I know,” said the King, “but I have to prepare everything for her coming, I have to make sure everything is in place, I’m preparing her calling in advance, I’m insuring that whatever she needs is ready, I’m making the roads straight and taking every stumbling block out of the way. She will be established from the very moment she is born!”


But why Lord?” I asked. “Why go to so much trouble before she is even born?” The Father turned and looked at me with kind eyes, “Because I love her,” He said. “I love her with an everlasting love, a love that would go to the ends of eternity for her. I want her to be fulfilled in her life on earth, to know the glorious hope of her calling and the riches of her inheritance. I have created her a dancer because of the great pleasure she will bring me as she joyfully dances through her life, knowing that her dance will bring so much delight to others. I created Hannah a dancer because I love her!”

Ephesians 2:10

For we are his workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand that we should walk in them.”


4 thoughts on “The Dancer!”

  1. An inspiring story of His unfailing love. It puts dreams in my heart again Claire. Thank you. Bonnie


  2. Absolutely beautiful Claire! Amazing love of the Father. Beautiful heart of the mother. Breath taking dancer in the daughter. You are indeed blessed.


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