The Wounded Warrior

The LORD showed me a picture of a wounded warrior on the frontlines. This soldier was wounded, one arm hung down useless, broken. She was battered and weary, bloodstains on her cheek. The LORD said to me, “Should I leave that soldier out on the frontlines in the middle of this awful battle or should I bring her back to a safe place where I can heal her and restore her. Where I can give her a cup of cold water to drink, bind her wounds, and then send her back to the frontlines stronger than ever after having had an encounter with me?”

I gulped when the LORD showed me this picture as I had never thought about it this way before. For me it had always been fight, fight, fight, and go, go, go. I needed a season of rest. My answer was, “Of course, LORD, bring her back to a safe place where she can be healed!”

I had a sense that the LORD was saying, “I am going to make you able, if you will let me draw you in, minister to you, I am going to make you able. I will work through you in power but you need to fight from a position of strength. Not weakness, not brokenness. When you are ready I will send you out again and what you will accomplish will amaze even you.”

For some of us, this is a season of saying ‘No,’ of strategic retreat, of allowing ourselves to stop and let our Abba Father minister to us. Time for an encounter with Him that will strengthen us, encourage us, heal us, and get us ready to go out into battle stronger than ever! It’s time for new assignments, new battle plans, new weapons, and a fresh encounter with the Father!

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